If your presentation slides look a little like someone accidentally spilled a dictionary on them, you are not alone. 

Especially with complex topics - in research, consulting, or businesses that deal with creating and delivering information --

Achieving simplicity is hard to come by.

In the 5 day Slide Declutter Challenge, I will show you step by step how to master the information overload on your slides - even when you thought there's nothing left to take away.  

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Working with experts to clarify their presentations, 

I often hear the frustration —

 “But I can’t leave anything out, it’s all important!”

But then we start editing,

and I keep asking them whether this or that change feels all right, 

could we modify the wording here, could we replace these words with with a graphic, and would your message still be there?

A few aha’s later, the frustration turns to relief

We CAN take out so much, and best of all:  

The message is

 not only still all there, but it has become 

much easier to understand.

If you would like to learn how to make the same happen for YOU,

hop on the free Slide Declutter Challenge!

 With daily exercises, I'll guide you to 

  • let go of information overload 
  • strike the sweet spot of balancing visuals with text
  • make YOUR slides HAVENS OF CLARITY

You can use any presentation software you are familiar with. 

Decluttering gives your audiences more space to think - and helps your message get through.   




Learn to make slides that are easier to understand.

Check below to see if the Declutter challenge is for you:

  • I  find it hard to leave anything out, because it’s all important   
  • I want to make my slides easier to follow, but I don’t really know how    
  • I’m not happy with my slides - they don’t look very professional 
  • I want to use more visuals in my presentations  
  • I know some of my slides are confusing but I don't know how to fix them

If you recognized yourself in one or more items on the list, this challenge is for you!

About the Host:

Hi! I'm Riitta Toivonen (Dr. Tech., CEO and Information designer)

I believe that well designed gets better understood. And whatever we specialize in, getting understood is the first stepping stone to collaboration, partnerships, or making the sale. 

I have been fascinated with the way we humans make sense of what we see, ever since I laid my eyes upon pointillist paintings as an art-hungry six year old. Combining visuals with tech and human communications, our research team later produced state-of-the-art visualization software to make sense of large social networks. 

Our world is becoming ever more visual and fast-paced, and there is very little patience to decipher complicated and cumbersome materials. Your message needs to be clear, uncluttered and beautifully structured to get understood. 

I founded the visual communications agency Presentation.Ninja to answer this need. For almost 10 years now, I have worked with companies and organizations to clarify their message and bring it out with attractive visuals.

When you are ready to level up your communications with visuals, I can't wait to share with you my favorite shortcuts!

P.S. If you hit your audiences with information overload, they won’t be in the best state of mind to open their minds and hearts to you.

 Let me show you how to find clarity over clutter so it will be easier for you to

  • start that collaboration
  • land that project
  • open their minds to think
  •  make them want to fund you 
  • win them over as clients 


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