About Riitta Toivonen

Hi! I'm Riitta Toivonen (Dr. Tech., CEO and Information designer) I believe that well designed gets better understood. And whatever we specialize in, getting understood is the first stepping stone to collaboration, partnerships, or making the sale. I have been fascinated with the way we humans make sense of what we see, ever since I laid my eyes upon pointillist paintings as an art-hungry six year old. Combining visuals with tech and human communications, our research team later produced state-of-the-art visualization software to make sense of large social networks. Our world is becoming ever more visual and fast-paced, and there is very little patience to decipher complicated and cumbersome materials. Your message needs to be clear, uncluttered and beautifully structured to get understood. I founded the visual communications agency Presentation.Ninja to answer this need. For almost 10 years now, I have worked with companies and organizations to clarify their message and bring it out with attractive visuals. When you are ready to level up your communications with visuals, I can't wait to share with you my favorite shortcuts!
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