THE WAY YOU PRESENT could mean life or death for your project 


If your pitch deck or project presentation isn't getting the response you want, something about your message is not strong enough yet. 

Let's find out what it is and fix your deck so you can get customers excited and investors intrigued. Our goal is to help you get the means to continue working on what you believe in. 

“It all seems so simple once the hard work is done.”


Pitching your project?

Whether on stage or online, the more complicated your topic, the more important it is to find simple ways to explain it. 


Trying to land a client?

A great deck can do some of the heavy lifting for you, whether meeting online or face-to-face.


Need to send out your deck? 

You know it's double the trouble to craft an exciting deck that stands on its own when you are not there to explain it. Your idea needs to come through immediately, and your design needs to attract attention, if you don't want to get dismissed right away. 

First: Get understood.

The first step to attracting the right investors, partners, or clients is to get your message through. 

Here's how we can add  clarity and wow effect to your best content and transform your slides. 

Pitch decks these days need to look professional. 

If you are not sure you can do it on your own,

why not try one of our packages?

 We can work wonders together.

NO need to traveL


We bring the co-design sessions to you via online screen sharing.

Over the years we have tested and honed our methods of creating and editing together with our clients online.

We use our custom-built storyboard and our best practices for hearing you out.

In our co-design sessions, we hear your views and ideas right away, and can redirect our design accordingly. We interview you for stories and details.

In between our co-design sessions, we clarify and craft the design. You get to add in the missing information only you have access to.

Easy, productive, and inspiring! 

NO LAST-minute touch-ups


Here's a conversation between the creative director and his co-worker: 

"I love your idea! Why didn’t you bring it up earlier when I asked you?" 

"I couldn't have - it just came to me now.

Meaningful ideas take time to brew. We prefer to allow that time. Are you with us? 

Sometimes we get last-minute requests to update presentations, and we might even get asked to "just redo the design". But if the whole point of design is to improve clarity and get the message across, not much can be done after the presentation is already written. We excel in working with you along the process. We recommend at least 3 sessions to discuss  what you want to achieve, and how we can best create a presentation to support you. 

This produces excessively better design and clarity than writing requests back and forth, or simply adding graphic design your semifinal content

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How much help would you like?

We have service packages for different situations and budgets. 


We work together with you to create an outstanding presentation and develop visuals to match your brand.




If your pitch deck isn't getting the results you want, something about your story is not strong enough yet.

Let's discover why. Then, let's recraft. 




Does your message have an irresistible flow? 

Is your key information easy to digest? 

Do your layouts, words, and imagery all work together?  

Design, when well done, is invisible.




Attention to detail makes you look credible.

High-end design catches and holds attention.

Once the hard work is done, it will all seem so right.


2200€ - 5500€ + VAT
World-Class Pitch Deck Design


Stop losing your audience midway and actually get understood. 




If your budget won't stretch to the Pitch Deck Makeover PRO, choose Pitch Deck Makeover Compact. We'll focus on your most important content and the slides that deserve the most attention.




We'll redesign selected slides for clarity and style. Let's make sure you give a professional first impression, and your main messages comes across.


750€ - 1250€ 

Clarify and style your problem slides

Looking for something small?

Get started with our taster menu

Presentation.Ninja • Get the attention and esteem your work deserves
550€ + VAT
Interactive design session 


One-to-one co-creation and brainstorm session on your problem slides or key visualizations. 

Perfect for getting started on a visualization you feel stuck with. Do you have an idea you would like to see take form as an infographic or as brand images? Would you like to brainstorm a makeover of a design you already have that kind of conveys your ideas, but doesn't look as fresh as you would like? 

Let's draft out how your graphs, graphics, and layouts can be decluttered and restyled into powerful designs that are easy to follow. 

Your project could be 
• an infographic 
• images for context / image + text to explain your project or other topic
• brand visuals upgrade 
• suggest your own! 

Let's spark some ideas, improve clarity, and draft some delightful design. 

Leaps of imagination and logic both guaranteed!  

Goes together with the Design Elevator Add-on (see below)!   

Presentation.Ninja • Get the attention and esteem your work deserves
330€ + VAT
Design refinement and craft


Craft & finalize selected design ideas from a co-creation and brainstorm session. Add one or more to your Golden Ticket or other project depending on project size. 

Presentation.Ninja • Get the attention and esteem your work deserves
125€ + VAT
Inspirational design conversation on your project 


Are you feeling stuck with your project, not knowing how to fix your design or where to even begin clarifying your message?

explanations of what you do? 

Maybe a graphic for your publication? A graph or plot of your data? An explanation of your services? Your explanation of what you do, at the core? 

1,5h online, and you walk away with insights and inspiration.

You'll start asking the right questions, and feel inspired to keep working on it.


Sure, I will be happy to continue with you in the future, but don't worry, I never use my sessions to upsell you. I am really, REALLY good at providing inspirational design sessions. If you would like more sessions, a full design, or maybe a Golden Ticket + Design Elevator next time, be sure to take initiative! 


“I completely trust their process. I can come to Presentation.Ninja even with a vague idea, and in a few iterations the idea gets form.”

 Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte, Managing partner, Xpedio

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When to book a session?

 Here's a thought if you are considering buying one of these services.

You might feel like you should have your content as ready as possible before you order.

Please don’t fall into that trap.

It will be much more fruitful to start the conversation early on. Our conversations will help focus your efforts on the right content, get us onboard in time, and produce ideas that had time to evolve.

If you were to contact us at last minute - a day or a few before your event - there isn’t much time left for the kind of thinking that takes time, and those insights that emerge after some thought, even if we could fit your project into our schedule. 

Best to book early! 🙂  

Recommended project duration: 4-6 weeks for Pitch Deck Makeover Pro, 3 weeks for Pitch Deck Makeover Compact. The earlier you can book, the better. If you know months in advance that you will have an important pitch, conference, or dissertation, let's start getting things ready 3 months ahead. Your core business, research topic, services and services will most often not change in that time, and we can build a solid base for an outstanding presentation.